Rainbow Family Photos Gathering pictures

Rainbow Pictures

here you can view lots of rainbow gathering pictures, upload your own photos, create galleries for different gatherings and share your favorite rainbow gathering memories.
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4 Responses to Rainbow Family Photos Gathering pictures

  1. Glittering Bubbly Huggles says:

    Hello Family! I’m SO happy to have found this website! I’ve been searching for Philly Rainbow Family for a while now. I’m from FL, and have been to 6 Ocala gatherings and 2 A-cola gatherings, consecutively. I have photos on my facebook, just search Rainbow Gathering and the names Ocala and Appalachicola. I took 500 this year at A-cola ;) Well, probably 350 and the rest when I was visiting my hometown. I love you all!

    • Spauk says:

      Welcome home sister; I lost your info that you put on the lightline. So glad you found this page and posted here.Welcome to philly. I am just about to post on the events calender about the annual lemon hill picnic , the third saturday in may. Hope to see you there.

  2. Light says:

    I was at the 1st gathering july 1972 at strawberry lake, colorado. Do you have more pictures of that gathering?

    • Ruth C says:

      I was there also. No pics but I had a great time. We hitch hiked there from Wheeler Ranch in California.

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